Early Economies Hub

The early economies website focuses on economies before ca. 1400 AD. In several meetings of research groups working on the classical and medieval periods, it was felt that the field of early economies is still highly fragmented and communication between different research disciplines is limited. Partly, this is caused by the highly specialist nature of the topic. How can we compare, for example, Ancient Babylon, with Sung China, or Domesday England? Scholars often limit themselves in their research to one of these cases.

Astronomical Diary

 Astronomical Diary concerning the year 38 of the Seleucid era (274/3 BC) with an additional note concerning year 37 (275/4 BC) (for adapted translation and larger image click here)

 At the same time, many of them acknowledge that the quality and relevance of their research would be enhanced by the inclusion of  comparative analysis, or that the data for his/her research area could be placed in a wider framework or within some comparative perspective. In order to take this step, data, sources and working papers should be made more accessible to fellow scholars.

The Research Institute for History and Culture of Utrecht University has taken the initiative to set up this website on early economies (which is an addition to the existing CLIO-INFRA network that collects and makes available data after ca. 1400). The aim of this website is therefore to provide a forum where people working on (aspects of) early economies can come into contact with easily accessible data, theories and information on other aspects of early economies. In this way, we hope to enhance collaboration in research on early economies as well as comparisons between these economies. Part of the website is open to all. Access to other parts is limited to those who actively contribute to the website.