Seminar Papers

Below you will find a table with links to the papers that will be presented during the most recent Economic and Social History Seminar series. The papers can be downloaded approximately one week in advance. Papers that were presented during previous seminar series can be found here.

For more information about the seminar series, please have a look at this page.

Fall 2017




The state, contested land and Islamic philanthropy in the shadow of sectarianism in Bahrain 1860-2016 

Raj Brown (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Terms of trade during the first globalization: an empirical analysis (with Giovanni Federico and Antonio Tena-Jungito) 

David Chilosi (LSE/ Groningen University)


no seminar


Value creation, value capture, and the Book-of-the-Month Club, in its own time and in the time of Amazon 

Daniel Raff (The Wharton School/ NBER)


The colonial drain. Taxation, real wages, and households' living standards in the Dutch Empire, 1820-1913

Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (UU)


Private money, public oversight. Orphan chambers of Holland in a European context

Josje Schnitzeler (UU)


Can kings create towns that thrive? Long run consequences of town plantations on urbanization and agricultural surplus

Kerstin Enflo (Lund University)


The diversity of labor market institutions and entrepreneurship in Europe and the United States: past and present

Selin Dilli (UU)


Female labour force participation of married women: the United States, 1860-2010

Richard Zijdeman and Auke Rijpma (IISH/ UU)

16 /11/2017

Slavery, labour and debt servitude in the seventeenth-century Spanish Philippines

Stephanie Mawson (University of Cambridge)


The Great Depression in Africa

Johan Fourie and Tim Ngalande (Stellenbosch University)

30/11/ 2017

Title to be confirmed

Jutta Bolt (Groningen University)