Eastern European Economic History Data

We would like to encourage scholars and students to make their databases available to the community at large, especially after the conclusion of their work. Time and again a priceless archival or labour-intense work is ‘lost’ on someone’s hard-drive never to be used again. By publishing it online an author builds up his or her CV and allows for citations. Furthermore, the community can focus on using the expanding empirical base creatively rather than devoting resources to repeating the already made collection/computations.

In order to publish, the authors are advised to send: the data-file (preferably but not exclusively in English);  a separate PDF file in English explaining the origin of the source, edition, and referencing instructions; or a reference to a paper providing such information, to Mikołaj Malinowski (mikolaj.malinowski@ekh.lu.se).

 TitleWages of servants in Poltava, 1765-1769.

Author(s): Tymofii Brik

See: Description is available here.


TitleAverage years of education in in the former Soviet Union area 1920-2010
Author(s): Dmitry Didenko, Péter Földvári and Bas van Leeuwen
See: Dmitry Didenko, Péter Földvári and Bas van Leeuwen, 'The spread of human capital in the former Soviet Union area in a comparative perspective: Exploring a new dataset,' Journal of Eurasian studies.Forthoming.



Title: Polish Industial Employment 1925-193
Author(s): Nikolaus Wolf
See:  Endowments vs. market potential: What explains the relocation of industry after the Polish reunification in 1918? In: Explorations in Economic History 44 (2007)

Tables selected and transcribed by Mikołaj Malinowski from the  'Historia Polski w Liczbach' series:

Author(s): Bas van Leeuwen and Péter Földvári
See: Bas van Leeuwen and Péter Földvári, Capital accumulation and growth in Central Europe, 1920-2006 In: Eastern European Economics, (Forthcoming)