Programme Deep Causes

Programme “The Deep Causes of Economic Development”

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Utrecht, December 18th–20th, 2014

Thursday 18th of December

9:00–10.45 Introduction

Jan Kok – Women’s agency in historical family systems

Robbert Maseland – The rise of deep determinants

Tine De Moor – Comments

11.00–13.30 Paola Giuliano Keynote

13.30–14.30: Lunch

14.30–16.00: Africa

Arcangelo Dimico and Graziella Bertocchi – The Social Cost of too Many Wives: SexualActivity, HIV, and the Demographic ChangeFollowing the Slave Trade

Morgan Henderson andWarren C. Whatley – The Impact of Colonialism on Family Structure inAfrica: Evidence from the Ethnographic Atlas

Erwin Bulte, Dácil Juif and Angus Dalrymple-Smith – Comments

16.30–18.00: South America

Felipe Valencia Caicedo – The Mission: Economic Persistence, Human Capital Transmission and Culture in South America

Federico Droller Migration – Population Composition andLong–run Economic Development: Evidence from Settlements in the Pampas

Annelies Zoomers – Comments

18.30: Dinner at Restaurant Aal

Friday 19th of December

9.00–11.15: Empirics

Thomas Baudin, David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi – Development Policies and Childlessness in Emerging Countries

Seo–Young Cho – Does Gender Equality Promote Social Trust? An Empirical Analysis

Dolores Añón Higón and Alfonso Díez Minguela – Women’s Suffrage and Political Representation,1893–2010: Economic Development and Women Empowerment

Auke Rijpma – Comments



Melanie Meng Xue – Textiles and the Emergence of Gender Equality in China

Anne Booth – Women, Work and the Family in South East Asia,1850–2000

Sarah Carmichael, Selin Dilli and Lotte van der Vleuten – The best thermometer: a long run perspective on gender inequality

Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk – Comments

13.45–14.45: Lunch

14.45–17.00 Jean–Francois Carpantier and Anastasia Litina -Dissecting the Act of God: An Exploration of theEffect of Religion on Economic Activity

K. Bruns and M. Sanders – The development of growth–enhancinginstitutions in an early–stage agricultural society

Lena Edlund – Individual consent in marriage.

Bas van Bavel – Comments

18.30: Dinner at Selamat Makan

Saturday 20th of December


Matthias Blum, Christopher Colvin, Laura McAtackney and Eoin McLaughlin – Gender and numeracy: quantifying humancapital accumulation in nineteenth–century Ireland

Claude Diebolt and Faustine Perrin – Clio’s Role for Economic Growth: New Findings on the Quantity–Quality Trade–off in 19th Century France.

Selin Dilli – The Long Term Determinants of Developmentand Wellbeing: Family Systems and Female Agency in the World System, 1900–2000.

Maarten Prak – Comments

Closing comment: Sarah Carmichael

12.30: Lunch