Graduate Workshops

As of June 2011 the usual Seminar series will be complemented by a series of graduate workshops.

The rationale behind this new workshop series is to allow our graduate students and visiting students from Oxford and Paris to discuss their work in progress with fellow students, recent PhDs, and other scholars interested in their work. To give them a flavour of the work of young scholars, we will also invite our research MA students and research assistants to the workshop.

The workshop’s focus on research in progress means that papers need not be close to publication, and that the presenters will be stimulated to talk about the problems they encounter collecting and analyzing data, framing their argument, or reporting their findings. To stimulate discussion presentations will be kept short and one or two of the participants will be asked to prepare brief comments to start sessions. We will also try to accommodate the wishes speakers’ may have for the presence of specific senior scholars in the workshop.

See for more information. If you have any questions please send an email to