Spring 2018

Title Speaker(s) Date
The horns of a dilemma in colonial policies: rice, rubber and living standards in the Malay Peninsula Kostadis Papaioanno  (University of Lund) 1/3/2018
Historical family and European contemporary developmental inequalities: is there a long-term effect? Mikolaj Szoltysek (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) 8/3/2018
Orphans and their money in times of urban growth and migration: explaining the orphan chambers of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht Josje Schnitzeler (UtrechtUniversity) 22/3/2018
An episode in the era of mass migration: German-speakers and the transition from slavery in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1830-1880) Bruno Witzel (University of Gӧttingen) 19/4/2018
Social mobility in 14th century Ghent: in search of the social impact of the Black Death Wouter Ryckbosch (VU Brussel), Sam Geens (Antwerp University) 26/4/2018
A history of the political economy of markets in Western Europe Craig Muldrew (Cambridge University) 3/5/2018
Unequal socio-economic consequences of climatic shocks in 17th century western Finland Heli Huhtamaa (Utrecht University) 17/5/2018