Spring 2014

Title Speaker Date
Vertical-axis Continents: Contrasting Demography and State Development in Africa and the Americas, 200.000 BP – 1500 AD Ewout Frankema (WUR/UU) 06-02-14
Persistent corporations: Guilds and urban government in late-medieval Europe Arie van Steensel (UU) 13-02-14
State Capacity and Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan genocide. Leander Heldring (University of Oxford) 20-02-14
Reconstructing labour relations for India 1500-now. Jan Lucassen en Rombert Stapel (IISH) 27-02-14
Competing channels, diverse constituents : the construction of the market for beauty products 1940s-1990s. Ludovic Cailluet (University of Toulouse Graduate School of Management) 06-03-14
Statistics and politics in the 18th century.

Table Amtmann Lippe

Lars Behrisch (UU) 13-03-14
Leniency versus Toughening? The prosecution of male and female violence in 19th century Holland Manon van der Heijden en Marion Pluskota (Universiteit Leiden) 20-03-14
The Great Escape? The Contribution of the Empire to Portugal’s Economic Growth, 1500-1800 Jaime Reis (ULisboa), Leonor F Costa (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão) and Nuno Palma (LSE and Queen Mary University) 24-03-14
Missionaries, Colonizers, and Gender Inequality in Africa: Evidence from Protestant Marriage Registers, 1895-2011​ Felix Meier zu Selhausen (UU) 27-03-14
Working Skills Derived from Occupations: The 'Deskilling Hypothesis' Revisited. Sandra de Pleijt (UU) and Jacob Weisdorf (U Southern Denmark/UU) 03-04-14
​Smoothing the flow, currency circulation and payment techniques in the Low Countries, 1500-1800. Joost Jonker (UvA/UU) and Oscar Gelderblom (UU) 10-04-14
Does the European Marriage Pattern Explain Economic Growth? Tracy Dennison (Caltech) and Sheilagh Ogilvie (Cambridge) 17-04-14