Spring 2010

Title Speaker Date
Why Was It that Europeans Conquered the World? Philip Hoffman (Caltech) 14-01-10
War and the Silent Women: The retrieval of Chinese and European Jewish women’s narratives of World War II Harriet Zurndorfer (Leiden University) 21-01-10
Educational transition and literacy gaps in Latin America during the twentieth century



Ame Berges (University of London) 04-02-10
Productivity growth in personal services from lagging to leading: how motion pictures industrialised entertainment


Gerben Bakker (London School of Economics) 11-02-10
Really the first bubble: Speculation in shares in mines in the Saxon Erzgebirge (c. 1470-c. 1530) Stuart Jenks (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) 18-02-10
Intermediaries and the secondary market for government bonds in the Dutch Republic Christiaan van Bochove (Utrecht University) 25-02-10
Intoxicants and the Formation of Early Modern Society Phil Withington (King’s College Cambridge) 04-03-10
An Admiralty for Asia. The Corporate Governance of the Dutch East India Company Oscar Gelderblom (UU), Abe de Jong (EUR) and Joost Jonker (UU) 11-03-10
Spending, saving or investing? The asset management of 16th century Holland households.

Tables and figures

Tine de Moor and Jaco Zuijderduijn (Utrecht University) 18-03-10
Coordination in Dutch business; the sequence of collusive practices, 1900-2000 Bram Bouwens and Joost Dankers (Utrecht University) 25-03-10