Fall 2015

Title Speaker Date
Born in a Bad Year? Effects of Birth Environment on Later-Life Reproduction, Survival and Their Trade-Off in Historical Finland  Virpi Lummaa (University of Sheffield)  24-09-15
All We Are Is Dust in the Wind - The Constant Threat of Sand Drifts Maika de Keyser (Utrecht University)


Family Types and Intimate-Partner Violence: A Historical Perspective Ana Tur-Prats (Pompeu Fabra University) 08-10-15
Premarital Cohabitation in Early Modern Amsterdam Anita Boele, Tine de Moor & René van Weeren (Utrecht University) 15-10-15
Iceberg Transport Costs Maarten Bosker (Erasmus University Rotterdam) & Eltjo Buhring (Utrecht University) 22-10-15
Hierarchy, Agency and the Great Divergence in EurAsia Sarah Carmichael, Sandra de Pleijt & Jan Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University) 29-10-15
"The Illusion of Control”. Risk management in Dutch Banking Gerarda Westerhuis (Utrecht University) 05-11-15
The Cape of Good Hope Panel: Problems and Possibilities Johan Fourie (Stellenbosch University) 12-11-15
The Genealogy of Novelty: An Evolutionary Explanation of Breakthrough Inventions in Science, Technology, and the Arts Koen Frenken (Utrecht University) 19-11-15
‘Til Death Us Do Part: a Comparative Study of Marriage and Longevity Using Historical Population Datasets Charlotte Störmer & Corry Gellatly (Utrecht University) 26-11-15