Fall 2014

Title Speaker Date
Seminar on 'Capital in the 21st century' by Thomas Piketty Oscar Gelderblom, Ido de Haan (both history department UU) 18-09-14
Seminar on 'Capital in the 21st century' by Thomas Piketty Bas van Bavel (History), Ingrid Robeyns (Philosophy) 25-09-14
Market structure and the frequencies of shipping - Northern Baltic Sea trade to Danzig in the late 15th century Ilkka Leskelä (Helsinki) 02-10-14
An agro-town bias? Re-examining the micro-demographic model for Southern Italy in the eighteenth century Daniel Curtis (UU) 16-10-14
Ordinary war heroes -- Do distinguished men have distinguished biographies? Hannes Rusch (Gießen) 23-10-14
Not A Random Sample of Amsterdam Inventories. Social Class and Ownership of Cheap Paintings in Amsterdam, 1650-1700. Angela Jager (Amsterdam) 30-10-14
Family ties, poor relief and economic growth in Western Europe, late 16th-early 19th century. Thijs Lambrecht (Ghent) 06-11-14
Political Connections, Governance, and the Enforcement of Property Rights: the Case of the English East India Company Dan Bogart (Irvine) 13-11-14
High Wartime Sex Ratios: A Returning Soldier Effect or Demographic Shock? Corry Gellatly (UU/Newcastle) 20-11-14
The emergence and decline of market economies throughout history: state of the art and a new approach Bas van Bavel (UU) 27-11-14
On the political economy of technological knowledge – Iron and steel production in Germany in the 18th and early 19th centuries Stefan Gorißen (Bielefeld) 04-12-14