Fall 2013

Title Speaker Date
How much did English women earn in the past? 600 Years of female wages, from before the Black Death through the Industrial Revolution (paper co-authored with Jane Humphries) Jacob Weisdorf (University of Southern Denmark, Centre for Economic Policy Research London, and Utrecht University). 03-10-13
Serfs and the city; market conditions, surplus extraction institutions and urban growth in the Kingdom of Poland, 1500-1772 Mikolaj Malinovski (Utrecht University) 10-10-13
Political elites as educational elites: a comparison of 7 European countries’ Mark Bovens (Utrecht University, USBO) & Anchrit Wille (Leiden University) 17-10-13
Too Much Ado about Morgan’s Men: The U.S. Securities Markets, 1908-1914

Book synopsis

Mary O’Sullivan (University of Geneva) 24-10-13
How important were formalized charity and social spending before the rise of the welfare state? A long-run analysis of selected western European cases, 1400—1850 Bas van Bavel & Auke Rijpma (Utrecht University). 31-10-13
Grain, Textiles, and Demand Elasticity in Late Mamluk Egypt: A Preliminary Sketch Stuart Borsch (Assumption College and University of Bonn). 07-11-13
Pay before they preach: the funding of study costs for Dutch Protestant and Catholic theology students, 1800-1880 Ruben Schalk (Utrecht University). 14-11-13
First marriage among women in Latina America Silvana Maubrigades (Universidad de la Républica, Uruguay). 21-11-13
Making the household work. Exploring the demand for servants and lodgers from a household life cycle perspective Tine De Moor & Richard Zijdeman (both Utrecht University). 28-11-13
The dynamics of globalization in the early modern world: new evidence from the Dutch-Asiatic trade, c. 1600-1800 Pim de Zwart (IISG). 05-12-13