Fall 2011

Title Speaker Date
The Legacy of the Brethren of the Common Life Dinand Webbink (EUR) 06-10-11
Medieval urban literacy Marco Mostert (UU) 13-10-11
The Yanks of Europe? Two technological paths in German manufacturing, 1907-1936 Joost Veenstra (RUG) 27-10-11
The HYDE 3.1 spatially explicit database of human induced land use change over the past 12,000 years

The Holocene

Kees Klein Goldewijk (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) 03-11-11
The Dutch Wars of Independence and the Golden Age. The social and economic benefits of military professionalization in the Netherlands, c.a 1570-c. 1680


Marjolein 't Hart (UVA) 10-11-11
Archaeology, manufacturing and the Roman economy. The 'fullonicae' of Ostia and Pompeii Miko Flohr (Oxford University) 17-11-11
To move or not to move. Towards a global theory of rural-urban migrations 19th-21st centuries Leo Lucassen (Leiden University) 24-11-11
Understanding group size in collective action: evidence from the management of common land in the Italian Alps 1200-1800 Claudio Tagliapetri (University of Bologna) 08-12-11