Fall 2009

Title Speaker Date
Historical National Accounts for Britain, 1300-1850: Some Preliminary Estimates Steve Broadberry (Warwick University, UK) 01-10-09
Skill and school. Skill formation and the Dutch business system in the 20th century Erik Nijhof (Utrecht University) 08-10-09
Great divergences? Eastern and Western Eurasia from ancient political divergence to modern economic divergence Walter Scheidel (Stanford University, US) 14-10-09
Nobles in Zeeland. Wealth and Power in a Late Medieval Society Arie van Steensel (Leiden University) 29-10-09
Rejecting the modernization fallacy: Migration in Europe in a global perspective (1500-1900) Jan Lucassen (IISH/Free University Amsterdam) and Leo Lucassen (Leiden University) 05-11-09
Ibn Khaldun and the causes of economic stagnation and decline


Anthony Black (University of Dundee, UK) 11-11-09
Cinemagoing in The Netherlands in the 1930s Clara Pafort-Overduin (Utrecht University) 19-11-09
'An urban transition: London c. 300-700' Derek Keene 20-11-09
City seeds: the geographical origins of European cities Maarten Bosker (RUG/UU) and Eltjo Buringh (UU) 26-11-09