Fall 2007

Title Speaker Date
The Origins of Anti-Competitive Bank Regulation in Hong Kong: Was Hong Kong ‘over-banked’ in the 1960s? Catherine R. Schenk (University of Glasgow) 04-10-07
Communication and Contention in ninth and tenth century Iraq Maaike van Berkel (UvA) 11-10-07
The invisible handshake. Concentration and competition in Dutch Business in the 20th century. Bram Bouwens and Joost Dankers (UU) 18-10-07
Ergas & Silvera: Family Structures and Business Organisation Francesca Trivellato (Yale University) 25-10-07
Roman traders in Greek cities Onno van Nijf (RUG) 15-11-07
Third-Party Effects on Trust in an Embedded Investment Game Davide Barrera and Vincent Buskens (UU) 22-11-07
Church, city, state and citizen: poor relief 1500-1800 Marco Van Leeuwen (UU) 29-11-07
Medieval Market Clearing: The Evolution of Brokerage Rules from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period Lars Boerner (European University, Florence) 06-12-07
Baghdad to London. The rise and fall of cities in Europe and the Arab world 800 - 1800 Maarten Bosker (USE, UU), Jan Luiten van Zanden, and Eltjo Buringh (UU) 13-12-07