Deep Causes Programme

Programme “The Deep Causes of Economic Development”

Thursday 18th of December

9:00 – 10.45

Introduction: Agency team

Women’s agency in historical family systems 

Jan Kok

The rise of deep determinants

Robbert Maseland

Commentator: Tine De Moor

11.00 – 13.30

Keynote Paola Guiliano

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30 – 16.00


The Social Cost of too Many Wives: Sexual Activity, HIV, and the Demographic Change Following the Slave Trade

Arcangelo Dimico and Graziella Bertocchi

The Impact of Colonialism on Family Structure in Africa:  Evidence from the Ethnographic Atlas

Morgan Henderson  and Warren C. Whatley




South America

The Mission: Economic Persistence, Human Capital Transmission and Culture in South America

Felipe Valencia Caicedo

Migration, Population Composition and Long-run Economic Development: Evidence from

Settlements in the Pampas

Federico Droller


Friday 19th of December



Development Policies and Childlessness in Emerging Countries

Thomas Baudin David de la Croix Paula Gobbi

Does Gender Equality Promote Social Trust? An Empirical Analysis

Seo-Young Cho

Universal Suffrage, International Conventions and Gender Empowerment

Alfonso Díez Minguela

Commentator:  Peter Foldvari

11.30 -13.45


Textiles and the Emergence of Gender Equality in China

Melanie Meng Xue

Women, Work and the Family in South East Asia, 1850-2000.

Anne Booth

India Paper

Sarah Carmichael, Selin Dilli and Lotte van der Vleuten

Commentator: Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk

13.45 – 14.45 – Lunch


Dissecting the Act of God: An Exploration of the Effect of Religion on Economic Activity

Jean-Francois Carpantier Anastasia Litina

The development of growth-enhancing institutions in an early-stage agricultural society

K. Bruns, M. Sanders

Individual consent in marriage. 

Lena Edlund


Saturday 20Th of December


Gender and numeracy: quantifying human capital accumulation in nineteenth-century Ireland

Matthias Blum, Christopher Colvin, Laura McAtackney and Eoin McLaughlin

Clio’s Role for Economic Growth: New Findings on the Quantity-Quality Trade-off in 19th Century France.

Claude Diebolt & Faustine Perrin.

Gender equality: historical legacies and current day outcomes

Sarah Carmichael, Selin Dilli, Lotte van der Vleuten

Commentator: Maarten Prak