About this site

The fundamental purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for global economic history research, and the activities of the social and economic history department of Utrecht University. Building on the 2009 WEHC held in Utrecht this center brings together the various activities and projects currently being undertaken in the field of global economic history within our research group to provide a place where data can be distributed, conferences announced, and researchers in the field of global economic history can connect with each other.

Projects behind this website

The website hosts a number of hubs which are a part of the Clio-infra project. For the future we hope to expand the website further and to include many interactive options and datasets. A series of working papers will be made available through the website which will seek to showcase interesting pieces of global economic history. Furthermore the website will be used as an announcement platform for conferences and workshops.

Citing this webpage

Please do! In the spirit of collaborative research, you don’t need our permission to cite this webpage. However, whenever you cite (any part of) this website, please mention that the information cited originated from the website www.cgeh.nl.

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