2. Data on share prices, market capitalization and other financial data

The main source for financial data of Shell Transport and Royal Dutch were the Annual Reports of both companies, supplying information on gross and net profits, the structure and size of balance sheets etc. Additional data on share prices for both Royal Dutch and Shell Transport (and for exchange rates between guilders, pounds sterling and dollars) were gathered from De Telegraaf, 1903-1916 and 1945-1973, Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 1903-1916 and 1945-1973, and from Van Os Effectenboeken, 1911-1977. Data on recent years are from Thomson datastream. Data on share prices were collected on a monthly basis (using end of the month data), but are presented here only as annual data (as at the end of the year). In addition, monthly figures for Tables 2.4, 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 are presented here. As well as details of estimated figures of Figure 7, ‘Return on shares of Royal Dutch and Shell Transport 1902-2002’, given in the Conclusion (volume III), which largely overlap with the data presented in Tables 2.4 and 2.5 below.

Financial data for BP and Standard are from the same company histories mentioned under oil production, namely Ferrier, The history of the British Petroleum Company, and Bamberg, The history of the British Petroleum Company, for BP; and Hidy and Hidy, Pioneering in big business 1882-1911; Gibb and Knowlton, The resurgent years 1911-1927, and Larson, Knowlton and Popple, New horizons 1927-1950, for Standard. Additional financial data have been collected from the Oil and Petroleum Manual (1921-1927) and the Oil and Petroleum Yearbook (1928-1971/2).

Excel Worksheet 2 (109 Kb) contains the tables:
2.1 Financial data Royal Dutch/Shell in pound sterling, 1951-2000
2.2 Net income of the three oil companies, 1968-2000
2.3 Total dividends of Royal Dutch, Shell Transport, Jersey Standard and BP in pounds sterling, 1894-1938
2.4 Market capitalization of Royal Dutch and Shell Transport, 1891-1939 (in pounds sterling)
2.5 Market capitalization of Royal Dutch and Shell Transport, 1939-2000 (in pounds sterling)
2.6 Market capitalization of Jersey Standard 1914-1940
2.7 Market capitalization of Jersey Standard/Exxon 1939-2000
2.8 Market capitalization of Anglo-Persian/Anglo-Iranian, 1914-1940
2.9 Market capitalization of Anglo-Iranian/BP, 1939-2000
2.10 Share prices of Jersey Standard and Anglo-Iranian/BP, 1940-1956

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